Canada Day Circuit Workout

This Canada Day Circuit Workout should be done 3 times per week with 3 sets each time. Each exercise is to be done for 1 min with 15 sec rest in between. Rest for 2 min at the end of each set. For the One-Legged Push-Up and the One-Legged 1/4 Squat, switch legs at 30 sec. The Plank/Side-Bridge exercise should be done by doing 5 sec holds and alternating between the two.

Enjoy and Happy Canada Day!


1. Squat Jumps

2. One-Legged Push-Up

3. Reverse Lunge

4. Plank/Side-Bridge

5. One Legged 1/4 Squat

6. Mountain Climber

7. Side Squat

8. Jumping Jacks


Please consult with your chiropractor or doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.

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Exercise as a Prescription

A very interesting article posted in the CBC today about a medical doctor prescribing more exercise and less medication for his patients. This is something I have been doing in my practice for years. Movement is the key to health.

Click the link below to read the whole article.


The Key to Health

        This past year I became certified in Functional Range Release and Functional Range Conditioning. These techniques have become integral to my practice and I have seen far greater success with my patients than before.

        I want to discuss some basic physiology that is vital to know if you want to live a healthy life. Our bodies are efficient systems and when certain body parts are under-utilized they start to break down. Muscles get smaller and weaker, joints get stiffer. The less muscle you have, the less energy your body needs to live, it is very efficient. The problem is that with weaker muscles and stiffer joints your mobility decreases as well. When you have no mobility, well…you stop moving. You can see where this is going.

        Movement is the key to health. You have to move to loosen up those joints and strengthen those muscles. The only way the joints in our body get the vital nutrients they need to stay healthy is when they are moved.

        When people start to begin to move again they often come across problems. They are moving joints they have not moved in months or even years and may find that certain restrictions or weaknesses occur.

        That is where I can help. What I basically do is allow your body to function normally. That may seem like a simple explanation and it is. The most important part of my treatment is what you do after it. Exercises and mobility work are key components to my treatment programs. If they are not done, you will not improve your mobility, your strength and most importantly…your health.


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Functional Range Release and Functional Range Conditioning – a scientific-based system of soft tissue release and rehabilitation

This Fall, Dr. Ted became a certified Functional Range Release Provider (Lower Limb) and a certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist to be able to provide better care for his patients. This system will help everyone from an elite athlete to office worker. Decreasing pain, increasing mobility and strength are key components to this program. The great thing about FRR and FRC is that you will learn the tools to take better control of your body and your health.

To learn more please feel free to contact Dr. Ted by phone or e-mail.



World Spine Day and Straighten Up Canada

October 16th was World Spine Day and in light of that the Canadian Chiropractic Association created a new Straighten Up app that is an easy to perform posture program that can be done in as little as three minutes! Click the link below to download the app for free.