Canada Day Circuit Workout

This Canada Day Circuit Workout should be done 3 times per week with 3 sets each time. Each exercise is to be done for 1 min with 15 sec rest in between. Rest for 2 min at the end of each set. For the One-Legged Push-Up and the One-Legged 1/4 Squat, switch legs at 30 sec. The Plank/Side-Bridge exercise should be done by doing 5 sec holds and alternating between the two.

Enjoy and Happy Canada Day!


1. Squat Jumps

2. One-Legged Push-Up

3. Reverse Lunge

4. Plank/Side-Bridge

5. One Legged 1/4 Squat

6. Mountain Climber

7. Side Squat

8. Jumping Jacks


Please consult with your chiropractor or doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.

If you require an explanation for any of the above exercises please e-mail me at